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"How To Quickly And Simply make $117 Everyday on Autopilot
All Without Special Knowledge or Skills..."

Monday June 29th 2015

From: Nik Arboleda 

Re: The Internet Revolution.  How you can invest just 32 minutes and become an EXPERT in a simple way to make money everyday on autopilot.

Dear Friend,

...Imagine how you'd feel if you've been struggling to make money on line for ages.  Or, perhaps you don't need to imagine it...

....Because you've actually experienced the frustration...the hours staring at your computer screen frustrated...  

The unspoken question from your ever loyal partner: "Are you EVER going to make any money from this internet thing?"

So, if any of that sounds familiar, you're not alone.

I Totally Understand

It’s not your fault, you’ve probably heard a million opinions and got some free advice (usually worth about what you pay for it) and you're more confused than ever…

That’s OK.  This is what I do, so help is on the way.

The Best System For Easy Automated Passive IncomeIn The World

You could go out and read EVERY book ever written on Internet Marketing, spend HOURS interviewing industry insiders, 

Fly to conventions around the world and pay thousands of dollars to watch people wealthier than you pat themselves on the back while they dribble information to you in the form of metaphors and anecdotes,

And actually go out in the field and DO this stuff like I have,


Watch this simple 40 minute jam-packed video training that condenses down everything someone would need to know to have their own automated passive income system up and running quickly, into a 40 minute jam packed training.

No fluff and NO B.S.  Just the raw information and systems you need to cut through all the bullsh*t and go straight for quick cash.

Here's just a LITTLE of what you'll discover...
  • The FATAL mistake internet marketers make - How and why you'll want to avoid it.
  • How to piggy-back on other folks' credibility
  • The warm feeling of still being on the job treadmill and knowing your internet business has, meantime, silently sucked in nearly 200 bucks for doing NOTHING!
  • How to create your own personal online ATM by leveraging OTHER peoples products - You'll be SHOCKED at how easy it really is
  • The three key assets a product needs to be golden (Because these will convert like gangbusters!)
  • The three goldmines you can plunder to ignite Albert Einstein's secret weapon. 
  • The one-two double whammy that made me instant cash on the initial sale (and BIG MONEY on the upsell).
  • The eight sources of tons of cheap or even free traffic - feed this to your offer and count the cash!
I Can't Take Credit For The System

I consulted EVERYBODY that I knew who was a success at Internet Marketing, read everything available on the subject of automated passive income,  I even paid high profile mentors thousands of dollars to learn this system,  

Don’t let the size (Just 41 Minutes) fool you. Over 170 hours of research went into this project.

It is truly, the best of the best there is, and the system is simple and FAST to  learn so you can implement this information immediately.

Why Pioneers Get Scalped

There is an old saying in business “Pioneers get scalped but settlers prosper”  Think about it, you go out and try this on your own.

Can you imagine how much faster and easier it is when you follow a proven system of dozens of “Pioneers” before you that made 1000 costly mistakes before being successful at creating an automated passive income system


  • Being able to take your date out that expensive or exclusive restaurant - all while focusing on him/her and NOT on the bill...
  • Be able to vacation more - And do/spend more while you're there!
  • Spend quality time with your family - No more need to work extra jobs or overtime, so spend it with who counts most to you.
  • Have romantic getaways with your spouse or significant other 
  • do whatever you want...when you want!
  • Feel more free in your day to day life!
Why It's Just $7

I'm only charging $7 for this report, and not giving this report away, for 3 reasons.

1.     $7 puts the training within reach of the vast majority of people. It's not too expensive for even the humblest beginning their journey online.

2.     Anyone who's not serious enough about their own success in 2015 to invest $7 into this training isn't going to take the time to use the methods laid out in the video anyway.

3.     Anyone who is serious enough to put down the price of a fast food dinner and buy this report has the opportunity to create an automated passive income system.

If you're thinking, "$7 is so cheap! What's the catch?", then you really need to get this video! It explains why $7 is the magic number you need to seriously think about using.

So if you're serious about finally being successful online in 2015, and if you would like to start your own automated passive income system then click the "Buy Now" button below. If you need to justify the expense, skip going to McDonald's for dinner once this week and it's paid for.

My "Double" You'll Love It Guarantee

Guarantee #1  If for any reason you think my report isn’t the best $7 you’ve ever spent just send me an email and I’ll gladly refund your whole $7 big cash dollars.

Guarantee #2  If you actually DO what I recommend for you to do in the system and your results aren’t great, I’ll actually refund TWICE your money. All I ask is that you give me an honest effort.

How is that for fair?

I'll Only Sell 500 Copies at This Price

Time is Very Much "Of the Essence"... I can't stress the time-sensitiveness of this offer enough.

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        WARNING: You Will Make Mistakes

        A man who represents himself in court has a FOOL for a lawyer and we all know that people who don’t read the instructions SCREW things up.

        Get help before you try to blindly grope around online or you could screw up big time and when a full plan is only $7 Bucks, you’d be pretty dumb not to grab it.

        Either give up on your idea, or get this training, otherwise your sure to make GIANT mistakes, in areas you haven’t even thought of yet.

        This TINY $7 video training is the only thing standing between you and finally having your own passive automated income system.

        P.S. Remember, There is more real actionable information in this Jam-packed video training than you’ll get reading a dozen books, the systems inside the training has worked for other people just like you, it’s 100% guaranteed so you can’t possibly lose money. It’s a no brainer.

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